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    83 Willesden Lane, London, NW6 7RR


    This contract made --/--/2019 between the owner of the office MRS NADIA HILTON and the tenant FIO (hereafter called as Owner and Tenant).


    Conditions of a contract:

    1 OFFICE rental time: Wednesday 19:00-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-12:00 Every week permanently.

    2 Rental price 10 per hour (includes bills for electricity, heating, water, WiFi, and the use of office equipment), paid monthly, with an advance payment for the next month, the 25th.

    3 The total amount of this contract: £160 for 16 rental hours per month.

    4 On the day of signing the contract, the CUSTOMER pays the OWNER a security deposit in the amount of £160 (returned upon termination of the contract) and the advance payment of the lease until the end of the month, the next payment of the 25th day for the following month. Payment in cash or by PayPal nadiahilton@mail.ru

    5 In case of late payment of the lease, the TENANT pays a penalty in the amount of 1% of the contract amount for each day of delay.

    6 The Tenant has the rights to increase the number of office rental hours when he needs it, at a fixed price of £10 paying additionally to PayPal, in case the office is not rented by other tenants.

    7 In case of damage to office property, compensation for the damage caused is not withdrawn from the deposit if the contract is not terminated, but must be repaid by the TENANT immediately, to identify the damage the TENANT undertakes to promptly notify the OWNER for the speedy restoration of office equipment.

    8 THE TENANT agrees not to transfer his rented time and keys from the office to another third party, not to make copies of the keys. Loss or damage of the keys (or the key box) entails a penalty of £36, which the TENANT is obliged to pay immediately.

    9The OWNER reserves the right to increase the cost of renting an office, which he undertakes to notify the TENANT three months before the contract changes.

    10 The contract comes into force on --/ --/ 2019 and can be terminated by either party, without giving reasons, with a one-month notice.

    11 In case of breach of the contract by the TENANT, the OWNER reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice. In this case, the TENANT is obliged to return the keys immediately. The deposit is returned in full if there are no claims on the property integrity of the office to the TENANT.

    12 THE TENANT is responsible for the availability of qualification documents permitting his professional activities, insurance pole and payment of taxes.

    13 The TENANT undertakes to keep the office clean, switch off the equipment, lights and air conditioners before leaving, as well as close the doors to all existing locks.


    Tenant: FIO



    Tel: Email:


    Signature: _____________________ Date: --/--/2019




    Address: 83 Willesden Lane, London, NW6 7RR

    Tel: 07949773745 Email: nadiahilton@mail.ru


    Signature: ______________________ Date: --/--/2019